INEQ Research Seminar: Special Issue on Platform-based Tourism and Urban Justice

It is our pleasure to invite you to the INEQ Research Seminar of the University of Helsinki. This online event will introduce the Special Issue on Platform-based Tourism and Urban Justice, on Wednesday, December 15, at 10:00-11:30 (UTC+2).


Journal of Sustainable Tourism

This seminar will present a special issue to be published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism. The presenters will introduce theoretical and empirical perspectives on platforms used for short-term property rentals. The case studies are from Helsinki, Copenhagen, Venice, Lisbon, Porto, Philadelphia and Byron Shire. Together, they illustrate the impact of platform-mediated tourism and, especially, Airbnb on residents’ quality of life, working conditions, housing markets, and urban structures. There is evidence of normative loopholes that have facilitated financial speculations in the housing market, as denounced by social movements for residential rights. With the outbreak of Covid-19, while tourism has had a temporary break, some local authorities have started to take action to gain control over data owned by the platforms, necessary for the urban governance. However, so far, their claims for regaining a clear political space in front of financial investors in the tourism markets, have remained timid.


Presenters and their articles in the special issue:

    • Paola Minoia (UH) & Salla Jokela (Tampere University): Platform-mediated tourism: social justice and urban governance before and during Covid-19 (see article)
    • Mathilde Dissing Christensen (Cardiff University): Performing a peer-to-peer economy: how Airbnb hosts navigate socio-institutional frameworks (see article)
    • Giacomo-Maria Salerno (Sapienza University of Rome): Venice as a short-term city. Between global trends and local lock-ins (see article)
    • Kate Torkington (University of Algarve): Whose right to the city? An analysis of the mediatized politics of place surrounding alojamento local issues in Lisbon and Porto (see article)
    • Rodney W. Caldicott (Southern Cross University): Third-party impacts of short-term rental accommodation: a community survey to inform government responses (see article)

Discussant: University Researcher Özlem Çelik (UH), Global Development Studies

Participants can attend the seminar with a remote access on Zoom. If you wish to participate, please contact Project Planner Nette Holopainen (nette.holopainen(at)