Ajankohtaisia tapahtumia

How does a big city develop into a metropolis and a metropolitan area? This theme has been discussed and debated in European urban history, urban planning and urban politics from the 1870s. Recent urban transformation processes have brought new issues into discussion. The comparison of experiences of some European cities such as Paris, Helsinki, and Berlin indicates both similarities and differences.

Two visiting researchers from Paris, invited by the Research group “Suurkaupungista metropoliksi” (From big city to metropolis) of the University of Helsinki, Corinne Jaquand and Laurence Bassières, will talk about historical processes of change in metropolises, particularly Paris. Their presentations will be complemented with shorter talks on the research themes related to Helsinki by members of the Research group. 

All interested are very welcome!


12:15             Anja Kervanto Nevanlinna :

                      Helsinki : the growth of a metropolis. A brief history


12:25             Corinne Jaquand :

                      Comparing European cities : what for ? what else ?






13:40             Laurence Bassières :

                      Grand Paris heritage policy : debates and experiences from the 1890s to the   1940s, and perspectives today


14:25             Aura Kivilaakso :

                      Citizen movements at the beginning of modern preservation, case Käpylä       (Helsinki)


14:35             Salla Jokela :

                      The Helsinki City brand and urban transformation


                      Discussion                          (- c.15:00)





Research group “Suurkaupungista metropoliksi”, University of Helsinki

Suomen Kaupunkitutkimuksen Seura (Finnish Society for Urban Studies)



For additional information, please contact:

Pia Olsson  pia.olsson@helsinki.fi

Anja Kervanto Nevanlinna  anja.nevanlinna@helsinki.fi