Ajankohtaisia tapahtumia


14th International Conference on Urban History
"Urban Renewal and Resilience. Cities in Comparative Perspective"
Italy, Rome, 29 August - 1 September 2018

Guidelines for session organizers

Suggested structure for the session proposals:

1. Title of the session
2. An abstract of 200-400 words on a coherent and focused session topic, including a leading question, several key issues, the scientific relevance of the session in the context of recent historiography (why the topic is timely and important), what the session aims to achieve, and a list of potential themes that will particularly fit with the aims of the session. Sessions that seek to draw comparisons across one or more countries and broaden our perspective beyond Europe are particularly encouraged.
3. Proposed session category: main session (3 hours, max. 7-8 papers) or specialist session (1,5 hours, max. 3-4 papers).
4. Name, affiliation, mailing address and e-mail address of the session organizer(s). Each session should have at least two organizers. We will give priority to sessions which are co-organised by scholars from different universities /countries.
5. Previous experience of the organizer(s) in organizing conference sessions, if any (an exhaustive list is not necessary). Young scholars without previous experience in organising sessions may list their experience in presenting papers at international conferences.

The EAUH conference functions on the basis of open calls. The sessions should not be organised on the grounds of preconceived list of paper givers. In principle, session organisers do not give an own presentation. Scholars can upload only one session proposal. The session organisers/chairs are responsible for:

1. Reviewing and selecting session papers on the basis of their quality and thematic relevance.
2. Informing the paper applicants before December 15 2017 about the acceptance or the (justified) rejection of their proposal.
3. Distributing the accepted abstracts of all the paper givers within the session before January 15, 2018.
4. Reminding the paper givers to upload their papers before August 15, 2018.
5. Reminding the paper givers about the maximum length of their presentation (10 mins.) and stimulating them to read each others papers in advance of the session.
6. Chairing the session, including a short introduction on the main goal of the session, a short introduction on each of the paper givers, managing the time schedule, leading the discussion, rounding up, reflecting on potential publication.